10 - 250 mm adjustable Lab film Coater with Vacuum Chuck and Adjustable Doctor Blade

  • Model Number:

  • Input Power:

  • Dimension(L*W*H):

    10 - 250 mm adjustable
  • Net Weight:

    About 45kg
  • Compliance:

    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    One Year limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Payment:

    T/T, Credit Card, Paypal, LC, Western Union
  • Delivery Time:

    3 days
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10 - 250 mm adjustable Lab film Coater  with Vacuum Chuck and Adjustable Doctor Blade

TMAX-AFA-II is a compact tape casting coater with a heating cover designed to produce films with consistent thickness. It has a unique driving system to produce a smooth coating on various types of materials. The flat vacuum chuck is built in to hold the substrate sheet in place, which is particularly useful when making thin film coatings. This product is widely used in various high temperature film research, such as ceramic film, crystal film, battery material film, special nano film.


*Large area uniform heating is adopted to ensure high precision and uniform temperature in the cavity;

*Plate coating, motor driven scraper/film applicator coating, coating speed is stable and adjustable;

*The film coating speed is adjustable, the vacuum aluminum plate can quickly fix or remove copper foil, aluminum foil, etc., and the vacuum pump is included for your immediate use;

*One film applicator is included, high precision and coating thickness adjustable;

*It can be used in glove box, easy to operate, small size and space saving;

*Upgraded PLC touch screen control, easy to set parameters.









Effective coating 

area(mm, size can be customized)

100 x 250

150 x 250

250 x 300

250 x 350

250 x 500

250 x 800

Stroke length

(mm, length adjustable)

10 - 250 

10 - 250

10 - 300 

10 - 350

10 - 550

10 - 800

Vacuum chuck 


(mm, W*L, , size can be customized)

100 x 365

150 x 365

250 x 400

250 x 450

250 x 650

250 x 900

Power supply

110VAC or 220VAC

Coating speed

0 - 120 mm/sec variable; accuracy: 10mm/sec

(The coating speed range can be customized)

Vacuum pump


One oil free vacuum pump

Film applicator

One standard film applicator is included as below: 

*Analog film applicator with fix coating width

*0~3mm gap/coating thickness adjustable

*Coating accuracy: ±3μm

Optional parts:

Digital micrometer

Adjustable width

Different gap/coating thickness

Heating function


Platen heating(standard)

1. Heating on the vacuum chuck/coating plate
2. Built in digital temperature controller with accuracy of +/-1°C
3. Max. Heating Temp: 120°C

4. You can choose to have the cover or not, with cover, it will faster the drying speed as it will keep the 

Top cover heating

1. Heater pre-installed on the top cover

2. Built in digital temperature controller with accuracy of +/-1°C

3. Suspension support helps open cover easily and safely

4. Max. Heating Temp: 200°C

Surface finish


Surface roughness


Vacuum board 


5052 Aluminum alloy


CE Certificate


One year limited warranty with lifetime support

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