10-30L Planetary Vacuum mixer with Vacuum Pump and PLC Touch Panel Control

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    Planetary Mixer Machine
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    CE certificate
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    2 Years with lifetime support
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10-30L Planetary Vacuum mixer with Vacuum Pump and PLC Touch Panel Control


1.the appearance of the structure - frame structure:
1) the whole machine is simple, reasonable force; Mixing bucket can lift, beam, column

and base as unite it; low center of gravity, good stability;
2)cold-drawn steel body for the A3, with paint treatment and the standard color international warm gray C1.

2. the mixing method - screw mixing, high-speed scattered cutting:
1).2 sets of mixing roller, with material SUS304 stainless steel, the revolution speed can be adjusted

from 0 to 40 r / min, 2 sets of scatter roller, material SUS304 stainless steel;
2)scattered Speed 0 ~ 1800 r / min. scattered axis + scattered disk, dispersing plate diameter Φ90,

each with two-axis dispersion plate, scattered disk speed max 7.06M / S.

3.the mixing barrel:
1)Φ385x385, the designed volume of 51L, liner material SUS304 and polished treatment;

2) The mixing barrel with 2 layers, exits and entrances of the interlayer cooling water,the out-feed

ball valve,four casterss of 3-inch at the bottom of barrel(two directional,

two universal),barrel body with a handle.

3)the upper barrel is SUS stainless steel material:with sighthole,sight glass,1set of vacuum

Components,1 set of spare liquid feed port,plate(powders feeding port).

4. vacuum pressure - vacuum source is prepared by customer:

1)rollers are all adopted the mechanical seals,with alloy steel materials;

2)the upper and down trapezoid barrel is silicon rubber sealing, the other static sealing is

O-type seal, vacuum can up to-0.1MPa.

5. labyrinth seal:

The top of agitating valve use the special structure to avoid powders into the planet frame,

the wheel gear and transmission components life can be extended, pressure 36H sealed structure does not leak.

6. the temperature measurement system:
Heat detector installed in the lower part of the mixing barrel sideways, use the air plugs for the fast connections,dafe and reliable.

7. the control mode - Manual control:
1)hydraulic rising and down: this machine use the structure of mixing barrel rising and down,

2 spill valves to control the mixing up and down speed, rising and down time is 20 seconds;

2)DN25 vacuum tube and 3-connests putting the vacuum,1 set, integrated in the fuselage inside.Through the touch screen control pumping and releasing the vacuum. 1pc of Digital vacuum Meter,1pc of digital temperature, temperature range 0 ~ 300 ℃, the error ± 1 ℃;

3)mixing barrel positioning: mixing barrel is located by layer board and upper barrel limited,

on each barrel from the Mouth of location, set the inductive switch.

4)manually operated hot and cold water to control the temperature, temperature control accuracy is

± 0.1 ℃ (water prepared by customers).

8. the electrical components:

Ordinary cabinet, touch screen, PLC control, lighting Designed, emergency stop switches, temperature controller, ammeter, voltmeter and other conventional parts of each set.

9. main parameters:
1) power: about 9.5KW, 380V 50HZ 3Phase;
2) size: about 1900 * 1150 * 1700mm (L * W * H);
3) weight: about 1.5T;
4) the equipment noise from the machine outside wall 1M ≤ 85db;

we also can provide 500ML, 1L, 2L, 5L, 10L, 30L, 60L,100L, 200L mixing machine!

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