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1200°C Max Magnet Driven Sliding Tube Furnace For DVD & RTP

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    CE compliant
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    Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
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    3 days
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1200°C Max Magnet Driven Sliding Tube Furnace For DVD & RTP

TMAX-1200X-S-DVD is a compact megnet driven sliding 2" tube furnace with a max. working temperature of 1200°C, which is designed for direct vaporizing deposition (DVD)  or rapid thermal processing (RTP) under various atmosphere for 2D material growth.  


Furnace Feature


  • One high thermal conductivity Alumina flat sample holder (2"Lx1"W)  is fixed on K type sample, and the thermal couple with the sample holder can be moved  inside quartz tube driven by a magnet manually to find desirable temperature position inside tube for evaporation or deposition. 
  • One NIST certified precision temperature monitor is connected to thermal couple and sample holder via a feedthrough on the vacuum flange.
  • One magnet is embedded inside thermal block, and another magnet is placed outside tube.  move the outside magnet can move the sample holder with thermal couple inside tube in or out
  • 30 segment programmable temperature controller is built in furnace to set up Max. working temperature up to 1200oC at center of furnace
  • One small quartz crucible is included, which can be used to contain evaporation material or please wafer on top for deposition based on your application.   

Furnace Power 

  • 110VAC or 208 - 240 VAC, 50/60Hz   (Please confirm voltage when place order )
  • 1.5 KW

Max. Temperature

1200°C (<1 hour)

Continuous Temperature

1100°C ( continuous)

Max. Heating Rate

<= 20 °C/min

Heating Zone

  • Heating Zone Length:  8" (200mm), single zone. The following picture shows the temp. distribution across the heating zone, please click to enlarge.
  • Constant Temp. Zone:    2.3" (60mm)  (+/-1°C) @ 1000 °C 
  • You shall measure furnace temperature profile for your own application before making film growth.

Temperature Controller

  • PID automatic control via solid state relay with 30 steps programmable
  • Built in Over Temperature and Thermocouple Failure Protection
  • Optional:  The furnace may be operated by PC with installing a control module. Please order a MTS02-B control module at extra cost.             

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 1°C

Heating Elements

Fe-Cr-Al Alloy doped by Mo

Tube Size

  • 2" quartz tube (50mm O.D x 44mm I.D x 1000mm L) 
  • Two fibrous ceramic tube blocks are included for blocking heat radiation from tube chamber. (Ceramic blocks must be fully inserted into the furnace chamber before heating)
  • One small quartz boats  is included for placing sample or evaporation materials.



Vacuum Flanges



2" default flange with 1/4'' Bard fittings, 1/4'' tube feedthrough port (for 1/4" O.D thermocouple insert) and a KF25 vacuum portclick picture below to see details )

Vacuum Level

10-2torr (by mechanical pump)


Fitting Ports
Optional Parts

  • You may need a vacuum valve at the vacuum port end ( click picture left to order )
  • You may consider to order  quick connecting flange at extra cost.
  • You may order multi-channel gas delivery system for DVD or CVD operation.


With lid close: 1055mm (L) × 300mm(W) × 400mm(H) 
With lid open: 1055mm (L) × 300mm(W) × 560mm(H)

Net Weight

22 Kg

Shipping Package Size

48''(L) x 24''(W) x 28''(H)

Shipping Weight

120 lbs


Two years limited warranty with lift time support (Consumable parts such as processing tubes and O-rings are not covered by the warranty.

Laptop, software & WiFi Control(Optional)

  • Brand new laptop with Microsoft Window 10 and Microsoft Office 2013 (30 days free trial) for immediate use.
  • Labview Based Temperature Control System enables user to edit temperature profile, manage heat-treatment recipe, record and plot data for MTI furnaces.
  • A wireless remote control provides up to 300 meters operating range.
  • Above features are available upon request at an extra cost (up to $1,000). Please contact us for more information.



  • CE Certified
  • All electric components ( >24V) are UL / MET / CSA certified
  • The furnace is ready to pass TUV(UL61010)  or CSA certification at extra cost. 

Application Notes


  • Tube furnaces with quartz tubes are designed for using under vacuum and low pressure < 0.2 bar / 3 psi / 0.02 MPa
  • Attention: A two stage pressure regulator must be installed on gas cylinder to limit the pressure to below 3 PSI for safe operation.Vacuum limit definition for all quartz tube furnaces: * Vacuum pressures may only be safely used up to 1000°C
  • The flow rate for gases should be limited to<200 SCCM (or 200ml/min) for reducing thermal shocks to the tube
  • If you would like cooling sample in vacuum at eas,  please consider below modle

Sliding Tube Furnace

1.  We supply machines with battery technology support.

2.  We supply full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line.

1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.

3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damage part for you for free.

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