1300C 3.6 - 36 L UL Standard Atmosphere Box Furnace

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    CE compliant
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    Two years limited warranty with lifetime technical support
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1300C 3.6 - 36 L UL Standard Atmosphere Box Furnace  

TMAX-KBF13Q is a CE certified box furnace designed for materials synthesis under inert gas atmosphere with temperatures up to 1300 ºC. The furnace consists of high-quality alumina fiber bricks and Molybdenum alloy heating elements with an heating chamber. A vacuum-sealed steel chamber with water cooling jacket as well as the vacuum & gas flow control system enables material processing under inert gas atmosphere.










3 KW

6 KW

8 KW

10 KW

13 KW


Inside Chamber Size


Heated chamber:

160x150x150mm, 3.6 Liter.


Heated chamber:

200x200x200mm, 8 Liter.


Heated chamber:

300x200x200mm, 12 Liter.


Heated chamber:

300x250x250, 19 Liter.


Heated chamber:

400x300x300mm, 36 Liter.

Product Dimensions (mm)






Furnace Structure

1.   Double layer stainless steel structure for maximum vacuum and safety, which can ensure a positive pressure up to 0.06MP and vacuum up to -0.09Mpa

2.   Spring loaded pressure relief valve installed on the furnace provide protection against chamber over-pressurization.

3.   Water cooling front door and air cooling shell.

4.   Built in the vacuum pump and two-channel gas flowmeters, pressure gauge needle valves.

Inside Chamber Size

1.   Energy saving 1800 grade fibrous alumina insulation.

2.    High purity Al2O3 coating.


AC 220 - 380V single phase; 50/60 Hz

Continuous Working Temperature


Maximum Working Temperature

1700°C (< 1 hr)

Heating Rate

20°C / min

Temperature Accuracy

+/- 1°C

Heating Elements

1、 6 pcs Mo Alloy coils (can only be used under inert gas, Ar is preferred; cannot be used under air or oxygen at the temperature > 300°C).

2、Optional: Heating elements can be replaced by MoSi2 to enable heat processing under oxygen and air atmospheres  up to 1700°C.

Temperature Control

1.   PID automatic control via SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier) power control with phase angle fired, current limiting resistor.

2.   a40 programmable segments for precise control of heating / cooling rate and dwell time.

3.   Over temperature protection and thermocouple failure alarm functions allow operation without attendant(s).

4.   +/- 1ºC temperature accuracy.

5.   RS485 Communications Port.

Pressure Relief Valve

Spring Loaded Type Pressure Relief Valve
• Cracking pressure is manufacturer pre-set at 0.066Mpa (relative pressure value).
• Valve close pressure: 0.03Mpa (relative pressure value).
• Max. Temperature 200ºC.

• 35mm O.D barb fitting for gas exhaust.

Gas Flow Control and 

Vacuum Valve

• Two flow meters (#1: 0~8L/min; #2: 0~4L/min) are installed on the front panel of the furnace.
• One heavy duty vacuum pump (CE certified) is built on the bottom of the furnace. 

Water Cooling

• A 16L/min recirculating water chiller is installed in bottom of furnace for cooling furnace sealing flange.


Two years limited warranty with lifetime support.

Application Notes

• For preserving the longevity of the furnace components, we recommend the heating rate not to exceed 5 °C /min.
• The cooling rate shall also not exceed 5 °C /min. 
• Small cracks may appear on the surface of the refractory ceramics over extended use. This is a normal occurrence and the cracks may be repaired with alumina coating.
• The refractory block must be inserted before closing door.


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