-70C to 150C 225L Temperature Humidity Climate Test Chamber/Box

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-70C to 150C 225L Temperature Humidity Climate Test Chamber

Main Features

1.The constant temperature and humidity test box is mainly composed of control panel, distribution panel, insulation layer, air supply fan, heater, humidifier and refrigeration unit. The main specifications can be divided into 6 standard sizes and 10 specifications under different conditions.

2.The controller can be connected to the computer through LAN interface. Users can design programs on the computer screen, collect test data and records, call program execution, remote control machine switch and other functions.

3.The use of multi-wing air supply fan strong air circulation, to avoid any dead angle, so that indoor temperature and humidity distribution is uniform.

4.Complete safety protection device, if abnormal conditions occur, the controller screen will automatically display the fault status, cut off the power switch, and provide troubleshooting methods.

The thermal testing system is built based on the thermal test requirement UN of Lithium-ion battery testing requirements of UN manual of tests and criteria. An observation window is mounted on the front panel to monitor the real-time status of recharge batteries. The draining system could easily collect unexpected liquids.

Model Available








 Internal Dimension
WxHxD (mm)







 Internal Dimension WxHxD (mm)








 Low Temperature(A:25°C  B:0°C  C:-20°C  D:-40°C  E:-60°C  F:-70°C)

 High Temperature 150°C

The temperature range can be customized/selectable


 20%~98%R.H.(10%-98% R.H. / 5%-98% R.H ,is a special optional condition, need Dehumidifier)

 Analytic Accuracy/
Distribution uniformity of
temperature and humidity

 0.1°C; 0.1% R.H/±2.0°C; ±3.0% R.H.

A.Testing Parameter

Temperature range

-70℃~+150 (Air-cooled type)

The temperature range can be customized according to your actual needs

Humidity range

20%-98% RH (the distribution range is as follows)


The cooling rate (no-load)

About 1/min

The heating rate (no load)

About 3/min

Temperature stability


Analytical accuracy of temperature


Precision of humidity control


Temperature uniformity


Humidity uniformity


Working noise

A sound level is less than 75 dB (A) (measured in a soundproof room with 25 C ambient temperature and less echo; measured the average value of 8 points by A weighting; measured the level of each test point is 1 metre from the noise source and the height is 1 metre from the ground).


B.Machine Structure

Material of inner and outer boxes

SUS # 304

Outer box light source

High brightness lamp

Structural design of stratosphere

Effective avoidance of condensation at the top of the box

Observation Window

Observation sample use (W*L 28*35 cm)

Anti-sweat design of windows

Electrical heating device to prevent condensation of water and gas (40 W)

Test Holes


Can be used for connect external test power cord and signal (diameter 50 mm)

Machine pulley

Pulleys are movable and positioned with strong bolts (200Kg/wheel)

Insulation Layer

Rigid polyurethane foam

(its advantages are:

1. High efficiency and energy saving, seamless after filling, strong bonding after curing.

2. Seismic and compressive resistance, no cracking, no decay, no falling off after solidification.

3. It has ultra-low temperature heat conductivity, weather resistance and heat preservation.

4. High efficiency insulation, sound insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof after curing.

5. waterproof performance is good, because the foam hole is closed, the sealing rate is 95%, and the rainwater will not permeate through the hole.

Inner rack

Movable adjustable grids and two stainless steel strip grids (5.0 cm per grille)

 Box door


Double-channel heat insulation and tight gas to effectively isolate external temperature leakage

C.Safety Protection System

Leakage/Surge Protection

FUSE. RC electronic surge protection for leakage circuit breakers

Internal self-automatic detection and protection device of controller

1. Data transmission detection between microcomputers

2. Temperature/Humidity Sensor→ circuit break or short circuit (+/- OVER)

3. Layer 1 high/low temperature over-temperature protection → Settings for operation control high and low temperature over-temperature protection

Fault Detection and Control Interface(Automatic Detection and Protection Device for External Faults)

1. High Temperature Overtemperature Protection of the Second Layer→Electronic high temperature overtemperature protection device

2. Layer 3 High Temperature Overtemperature Protection→High temperature overtemperature protection device

3. Protection of water-cut incineration→Humidity water cut-off protection and electric heat water cut-off air incineration protection

4. Compressor protection→Refrigerant pressure protection and overload protection.

5. Extended Protective Device→Reserve two sets of fault detection input expansion protection devices for use.

Fault Abnormal Protection

Cut off control power supply and fault reason indication and alarm output signal when abnormal fault occurs.

Active Water Shortage Indicator

Initiative prompt for lack of water on machine.

Dynamic High and Low Temperature Protection

Dynamic adjustment of high and low temperature protection value with setting conditions.

Normal Temperature Protection

After shutdown, the test area of the machine will be protected automatically by lowering to the normal temperature.


D.Refrigeration system

Control Mode


1. The control system automatically adjusts the operation of the refrigerator according to the test conditions, so that the equipment is in the best energy-saving condition.

2. The refrigeration capacity of the evaporator is switched by the solenoid valve driven by the control system.

3. Compressor return air cooling circuit.

Working Methods

The first-order compression is adopted for the 0 ~40model.

Binary cascade refrigeration is adopted at 40 ~70.

Refrigeration Compressor

The original imported French Taikang fully enclosed low noise rotor compressor.


R404a/R23 (ozone depletion index is 0, R23 is used in cascade refrigeration system).


Air-cooled: Finned tube heat exchanger.

Water-cooled: shell-and-tube heat exchanger.


Finned tube heat exchanger (also used as dehumidifier).

Plate heat exchanger


Stainless steel brazed plate heat exchanger (cascade refrigeration system used).

Throttling Device

Expansion valve + capillary.


humidity temperature test chamber

humidity temperature test chamber battery
humidity temperature test chamber battery





     1 Standard exported package: Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box packaging.

     2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customers' requirements to find the most suitable way.

     3 Responsible for the damage during the shipping process, will change the damage part for you for free.


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