Auto Layer by Layer Z-Stacking Machine for Pouch Cell Electrode Stack

  • Model Number:

  • Type:

    Electrode Stacking Machine
  • Dimension(L*W*H):

    200x150 mm It Can Be Customized
  • Net Weight:

    290 kg
  • Compliance:

    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    Two years limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Payment:

    T/T, Credit Card, Paypal, LC, Western Union
  • Delivery Time:

    3 days
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Auto Layer by Layer Z-Stacking Machine for Pouch Cell Electrode Stack

It is mainly used for Z-shaped stacking assembly of positive and negative electrodes of lithium battery cells and separator.

The equipment realizes manual loading, subsequent electrode position correction and stacking process, which is fully automatic. It has the characteristics of high stacking efficiency and high stacking accuracy.

The device can stack up to 200 * 200 mm cells, and different sizes can be realized by adjusting clamps. It is very suitable for the research and development of laminated lithium-ion batteries and sample production. 

The equipment adopts single cantilever structure design, coil isolation membrane automatic constant tension control, automatic correction control. 

*The number of stackings can be automatically controlled according to preset;

*With compatibility design, the battery size can be changed by adjusting the positioning fixture, and the adjustment range is large;

*PLC control, HMI operation, easy to use and maintain;

*Pole piece manual loading, automatic positioning, manipulator automatic suction, automatic stacking;

*Coil separator automatic servo constant tension control.

*separator automatic photoelectric correction control.

*Automatic ion water dropping device(optional, including air compressor, vacuum pump, water pump)

Technical Parameter

Automatic Stacking Machine

pouch cell machine

battery stacker

battery stacking machine

Automatic Stacking Machine

Automatic Stacking Machine

Automatic Stacking Machine


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