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Cylindrical Cell Electrolyte Filling Diffusion/Degassing Chamber For Li-on Battery Research

  • Model Number:

  • Type:

    Electrolyte Diffusion
  • Net Weight:

    About 50Kg
  • Compliance:

    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    Two Years Limited Warranty With Lifetime Support
  • Delivery Time:

    3 days
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Cylindrical Cell Electrolyte Filling Diffusion/Degassing Chamber For Li-on Battery Research

This equipment is mainly suitable for absorbing electrolyte when filling pouch cell and cylindrical battery, so that they can be more completely integrated with electrode sheet in vacuum environment. The whole machine is made of high-quality electrical components and materials. It is suitable for all kinds of batteries with simple operation and high productivity. It is also an ideal multi-functional laboratory equipment.

Working principle

The device uses the upper chamber pressed on the bottom plate to form a closed cavity, (the time can be set) vacuumize to - 90kpa negative pressure state, so that the air in the cell is eliminated. The electrolyte flows smoothly along the cell under its own gravity, achieving better integration with the electrode core and playing the role of electrolyte.


*The vacuum state is stable. At the same time, the vacuum degree decreases slightly.

*The product has multi-stage circulation operation function. It is helpful for electrolyte fusion.

*Through the perspective window, we can observe the changes in the cavity when working.

*The upper chamber is driven by cylinder and guided by two linear guide sleeves, which can move up and down flexibly and guide accurately to ensure the sealing requirements of the product.

*It can be used for batteries of different specifications, and the adjustment is simple and convenient.

*The main engine and control box are designed separately, so that the machine can work in glove box or on assembly line.

*Simple operation, beautiful appearance, small volume and light weight.

Battery Degassing&Diffusion Chamber

Battery Degassing&Diffusion Chamber

vacuum standing machine

vacuum standing machine

 battery equipment

1.  We supply machines with battery technology support.

2.  We supply full set of lithium battery equipment for lab research, pilot scale research and production line.

1 Standard exported package : Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box package
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3 Responsible for the damage during shipping process, change the damage part for free
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