Inverter Welding Machine For Cylindrical Cell And Super Capacitor

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Inverter Welding Machine For Cylindrical Cell And Super Capacitor

Electrical parameters

Input voltage: 380V / 50Hz (60Hz)

Input current: 30A

Output voltage: 5.5V

Output power: 25KVA

Output instantaneous current: 2500A

Discharge time: up to 20ms / week

Number of welds: about 80 beats / min


Supply power supply

Input voltage: 380V

Secondary voltage (open circuit): 2.5-5V

Secondary current (normal): 30-15A

Secondary short-circuit current (max): 12000A

Frequency 60 / 50Hz

Primary current (normal) 55A

Maximum current operating rate 5%

Enter the plug three feet


Welding control

Number of pre-solder pulses (max): 0-9 wave

Number of welding pulses (max): 0-9 wave

Welding energy adjustment: 0-999

Automatic welding compensation rate: + 30v, -40v

Secondary pressure time: 0.2 seconds * 8

Digital display: 7 digital tube * 3

Number of display: 8 level display grid

Master computer: 8BIT micro-electronic control

Digital memory: E. EPROM


Precision control

Pressing time: 0.01-0.99 seconds

The first number of pulses: 0-99

The first pulse energy adjustment: 0-999

The second number of pulses: 0.99

Intermediate cooling time: 0.01-0.99 seconds

The second pulse quantity adjustment: 0-999

Post press time: 0.01-0.99 seconds


Welding head

Cylinder: 32mm * 30mm

Welding arm length: 360mm

Size of the tip (standard): 3mm * 70mm

Welding head spacing (adjustable): 0.1mm

Table height (adjustable): 150mm

Weld head structure: Siamese


Pneumatic operation

Maximum working pressure: 10KG

Minimum working pressure: 2KG

Air consumption: 4300 cubic meters / 1000 meters

Wiring structure: Quick plug


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