Laboratory Electric Hot Rolling Press Calendering Machine with Variable Speed&Ar Gas Compatible

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Laboratory Electric Hot Rolling Press Calendering Machine with Variable Speed&Ar Gas Compatible

This type of roller press is specially used for electric rolling of small lithium electrode sheets, a small
amount of precious metal materials such as gold and silver, copper and aluminum, and other non-ferrous materials. It is especially suitable for thinning and increasing density of lithium battery plate, which is a clean energy material. The machine adopts gear drive to realize roll pressing. The rolling thickness can be adjusted and used conveniently. It can realize percentile meter to directly control the material pressing thickness

Working Principle

The equipment drives high hardness pressing roll by decelerating motor, and adjusts the gap of pressing roll mechanically, so that the pole sheet is pressed and formed, and the quality density of the pole sheet is increased.




Working Power



220V/110V selectable

Effective Calendering Width

100-400mm selectable

Roller Size Optional

100mm Dia. x 100mm W

100mm Dia. x 200mm W

100mm Dia. x 300mm W

100mm Dia. x 400mm W

Or customized roller diameter and rolling width upon request

Hardness of roll surface

HRC62, imported 9CR2MO steel roll material

Calendering Thickness

(Effective clearance)

0~3 mm adjustable

Dial Gauge Accuracy


Rolling Speed

CVT, linear speed 0-8.5 m/min adjustable

Roller Surface Finish Degree

Hard chromium plating never rusts

Roll surface quenching depth


Max. Pressure


Heating Temperature

· 150°C Max. (< 1hr)

· 130°C Continuously

· Recommended Heating Rate: 1.3°C/minute

The heating temperature can be customized

Operation environment

 Ar gas compatible

Temperature Control Accuracy



One year warranty with life time technical support 

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