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Planetary Vacuum Centrifugal Mixer With Two 300 ML Containers for Lithium Battery Research

  • Model Number:

  • Type:

    Planetary Mixer Machine
  • Dimension(L*W*H):

    400 mm x 590 mm x 580 mm
  • Net Weight:

    90 kg (200 lbs)
  • Compliance:

    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    2 Years with lifetime support
  • Delivery Time:

    3 days
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Planetary Vacuum Centrifugal Mixer With Two 300 ML Containers for Lithium Battery Research

The planetary centrifugal vacuum mixer MSK-PCV-300-LD is designed for mixing and deaerating various kinds of liquid, slurry, paste, and powder materials. It could be used for mixing and homogenizing nanopowders, nanotubes, ceramics powders, battery powder/slurry, metal powders, and especially high viscosity slurry/paste. The vacuum mixing capability is integrated for best mixing results. The standard package includes two 300 mL containers and counter-weights. High-throughput adapters are also available for 6 samples (7 ml per sample) mixing per batch.



·         Compared with other brands of the planetary centrifugal mixer, MSK-PCV-300 has the following unique features:

o    Mixing under vacuum for deaeration

o    Dual containers for larger quantity

o    Minimized contamination (no metal mixing blade)

o    Low cost

·         Sample Materials

o    Nanopowders, ceramic powders

o    Grease

o    Slurry

o    Paste

Voltage Input


Single Phase AC 208 - 240V, 50/60 Hz


·         Maximum: 1500 W

·         Motor Power: 750 W



·         Planetary Centrifugal Vacuum Mixing

o    The centrifugal force of rotation and revolution induces convection, homogenizing the materials

o    With the vacuum pressure, submicron air bubbles can be efficiently eliminated from the materials

Vacuum Capability


·         Pumping Rate: 165 L/min

·         Ultimate Vacuum: -95 kPa

·         Built-in vacuum pump with integrated control



·         Sample Platen Rotation (revolution motion):600 rpm - 2,000 rpm (adjustable)

·         Container Spin (rotation motion):360 rpm - 1,200 RPM (fixed at 0.6X of the revolution speed)

·         Customized ratio between revolution and rotation is available upon request at extra cost

Containers and Counter-Weights


·         Two standard containers and counter-weights are included

o    Two 300 mL containers with gas vent, made of high-density Polyethylene

o    Counter-weights (10, 20, 50 g) with adapter, made of high-density Polyethylene

Max. Mixing Volume and Weight




Max Sample Volume

Max Sample Weight

Max Gross Weight (Container Included)

300 mL

150 mL

140 g

200 g

100 mL

50 mL

45 g

·         80 g (adapter not included)

 30 mL

15 mL

12 g

20 g (adapter not included)

·         Attention: Sample overload might damage the motor and/or cause spilling. Follow both the volume and weight limit when loading.



·         Store up to 6 programs in memory, as shown in Fig.1

·         3 programmable segments, as shown in Fig.2. For example:

o    800 rpm revolution speed (480 rpm rotation speed) for 60 sec;

o    1500 rpm revolution speed (900 rpm rotation speed) for 180 sec;

o    1000 rpm revolution speed (600 rpm rotation speed) for 60 sec.

·         Maximum running time for each segment is 200 sec. Maximum total running time is 600 sec

·         The rotation direction could be either clockwise (mode A) or counter-clockwise (mode B)

Safety and Protection


·         Safety warning and interlocks are integrated. The unit automatically stops when

o    The unit is overloaded with the sample

o    The sample is loaded in an unbalanced way

o    The top cover is opened



400 mm (W) x 590 mm (H) x 580 mm (D)



90 kg (200 lbs)


                Planetary Centrifugal Mixer


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