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Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box with Automatic Regeneration and Pressure Control

  • Model Number:

  • Dimension(L*W*H):

    Length: 1220mm (48.0”) Depth: 750mm (29.5”)
  • Compliance:

    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    Two Years limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Delivery Time:

    3 days
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Stainless Steel Vacuum Glove Box with Automatic Regeneration and Pressure Control


Closed Loop Gas Circulation

Inert gas in a closed loop. The gas is circulated by the blower and purifier, H2O, O2 can be removed continuously.

Auto Purging

The replacement of the atmosphere inside the glove box can be achieved automatically by the purging valves.

Automatic Regeneration

H2O and O2 removal material can be regenerated. The regeneration process can be program controlled.

Automatic Pressure Control

The pressure in the glove box is controlled automatically by the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). Working pressure can be set between +10mba and -10mba. If the pressure goes over+/- 12mbar, the system will be protected automatically.

Eco Mode

The vacuum pump will be activated automatically when necessary, and will turn off after a period of idle time. Blower frequency will be switched to 25Hz when moisture and oxygen level reaches to less than 1 ppm




Source voltage 

AC110V-240V, Customized


Two Years limited warranty with lifetime support


Single section single station


SUS304 stainless steel plate, 1200*800*930mm

Total dimension(L*W*H)

SUS304 stainless steel plate, 1915*830*1830mm

Big transitive cabin

SUS304 stainless steel, DN385*588mm

Small transitive cabin

SUS304 stainless steel, DN150*350mm 


2 pcs, butyl material, thickness : 0.4mm

Gloves port

DN215mm, Acid and alkali resistant material PPS

Purification system

Single purifying column, 

With the remove of water, oxygen function

Control system

6 inch color touch screen, SIEMENS

Vacuum pump


Pressure sensor

-2500~2500Pa, Touch screen

H2O concentration 

<1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm) Touch screen

Oxygen concentration

<1 ppm (20 °C, 1 atm) Touch screen

Organic solvent filter

21 L

Working gas


Cabinet water and oxygen content under the standard condition:  
Water content ≤1ppm, oxygen content≤1 ppm (Note: Standard condition is that an atmospheric pressure, constant temperature of 20 degree).
Leakage Rate: ≤0.05Vol%/ h (subject to change value of oxygen content in box)
Used Gases
a) Working Gas: N2
ArHe and etc.
b) Controlling Gas: Compressed air or Inert Gas.
C) Restoring Gas: Mixed gas of working gas and hydrogen.
Restoring gas is as same as working gas if there is only water removal system or oxygen removal system.
Remarks: All Single side boxes of 4 gloves are assembled glove box. Numbers of assembled box can be ordered as per customer’s needs. Quantity of purification columns is also designed to be matched according to customer’s requirements


glove box


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1 Standard exported package : Internal anticollision protection, external export wooden box package
2 Shipping by express, by air, by sea according to customer's requirements to suggest the most suitable shipping mode
3 Responsible for the damage during shipping process, change the damage part for free
4 Supply with suitable voltage input and power plug according to customer's country requirements.
5 Supply with CO, ECO, FORM A, FORM E and any other original certificate for import custom clearance and tax relief.


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