9 Liters Tank, 10L / min Flow Forced Air Cold Recirculating Water Chiller

  • Model Number:

  • Input Power:

  • Dimension(L*W*H):

    60 X 47 X 89 cm
  • Net Weight:

    About 40kg
  • Compliance:

    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    Two years limited warranty with lifetime support
  • :

    Xiamen Port
  • Delivery Time:

    10 days
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Forced Air Cold Recirculating Water Chiller

TMAX-KJ3000 is a CE certified Forced air cold Water-cooled Chiller that provides a clean, environmentally friendly and reliable source of temperature-controlled fluid for closed loop systems up to 10L/min. It eliminates scale buildup, sewerage cost, and tap water cooling expenses. This 9 Liters chiller provides high cooling capacity via air cold radiator at low cost and has a convenient digital reading and setting display. 


Power Supply

AC 100-120V or AC 208-240V can be selected in options bar  (50/60Hz).



Cooling Method  &



Cooling via radiator and cooling fan

Cooling Capacity:     50W/°C  via 
Note:   No target tempertaure. Temperature cannot go below room temperature due to the cooling method.

Fixed high temperature alarm: 60°C




Digital Current Temperature display

Temperature accuracy:  ± 1 °C

Built in temperature alarm


Max. Pump Head

10 meters (14psi)

Pipe connectors

· Φ 12mm PTC connector

· 8mm I.D, 12mm O.D. polyurethane tube is included

Water Flow Rate

10 Liters / minute 

Water Tank


· 9 Liters made of stainless steel

· Water chiller should not be connected to a system with the capacity more than the tank's capacity itself.

· Use coolant  instead of water for longer service life.

· Do not use deionized water as the cooling agent, DI water may cause the copper pipe to corrode, mainly pitting, and leak over time.


Protected from overflow alarm

Overall dimension

47 X 27 X 37 cm (L x W x H)

Shipping Dimension

40" x 22" x 23"

Shipping Weight

50 lbs


One year limited warranty with lifetime support


CE approval

Application Notes

· This chiller is using thermolysis cooling method. Thus, the chiller can't cool the temperature lower than ambient temperature. (e.g the room temperature is 14 °C. The minimum temperature cooled by the chiller is 14 °C). Please consider the KG5000 water chiller if you want the temperature to be lower than ambient temperature. 

· Must use.  Rust Protection coolants to prevent rust and corrosion The use of tap water is prohibited.

· Please connect the chiller water outlet to the equipment water inlet, and the chiller water inlet to the equipment outlet. Otherwise, the water flow sensor on the equipment may fail to work due to wrong water flow direction



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