Another Pouch Cell Lab Line Setted Up by TMAX


Another Pouch Cell Lab Line Setted Up by TMAX 

In September 2019, the purchase and doctor of Xiangtan University visited our factory and visited our sample room of the battery lab line. They were very satisfied with Tmax's equipment. After one afternoon's negotiation, they settled the details of the equipment to be purchased and the service terms. 
In October 2019, Xiangtan University officially signed a contract with Tmax and completed the down payment within one week. In December 2019, they completed the balance payment, all machines (glove box, roller press, sealing machine, electrode die cutter, pouch cell cup forming machine, etc.) were delivered to Xiangtan University. After one-day installation and commissioning on December 12, 2019, all machines passed the inspection of the university. After three days of careful training, the research people of the Xiangtan University had already well known the operation process of all equipment. 

Thanks to the cooperation of Xiangtan University.

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