Battery Electrolyte Filling Machine for Filling Electrolyte

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    Electrolyte Filling Machine
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    CE certificate
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    2 year limited warranty with lifetime support
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    T/T, Credit Card, Paypal, LC, Western Union
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    3 days
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Battery Electrolyte Filling Machine for Filling Electrolyte

High precision titration, the error range is within the range of class a glass burette standard.

Smooth operation, easy to control the manual knob to ensure sensitive and accurate control of each drop.

When switching titration and aspirating operation, there is no need to switch button. By turning the direction of the manual knob, the titrator will automatically detect whether it is a liquid infusion or a titration.

The compact design ensures high stability and light weight of the instrument.

It is easy to disassemble, clean, maintain and replace parts in the laboratory.

Other electronic functions: easy calibration can be used for calibration, the schedule can be set for the next titration, the energy-saving mode can be automatically shut down, and the decimal places can be changed.

Computer interface (optional), data can be transmitted directly to the computer.

Digital Bottletop Dispenser

Extreme working conditions:

The device is designed for titration of liquid reagents. Please follow the following physical limits:

■ device and reagent temperature range + 15℃~+ 40℃ (59℉~104℉)

■ maximum steam pressure up to 500 mbar

■ maximum viscosity up to 500 mm2/S

■ maximum altitude up to 3000 m

■ relative humidity range: 20% to 90%

Digital Bottletop Dispenser

Digital Bottletop Dispenser


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