Lab Vacuum Glove Box with Purification System Designed for Lithium ion Battery Research

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Lab Vacuum Glove Box with Purification System Designed for Lithium ion Battery Research

This type of glove box is designed to meet the customer's scientific research and development. Its main function is to remove O2, H2O and organic gas. It is widely used in water free, oxygen-free and dust-free ultrapure environment, such as lithium-ion batteries and materials, semiconductors, supercapacitors, special lamps, laser welding, brazing, material synthesis, OLED, MOCVD, etc. It also includes biological applications, such as anaerobic culture, cell hypoxia culture and so on.

Equipment composition

The equipment mainly includes a sealed box, a transition chamber, a circulation system (including purification and regeneration system), a water and oxygen monitoring system, a control system and a vacuum system.

The whole gas circulation system operates in a closed circuit, and there is no leakage in the whole process. There is a pressure control system in the whole process to ensure the constant pressure in the box.

Machine parameters

1. Acceptance criteria:

Under standard conditions, that is, at a constant temperature of 20-25 oC, a relative humidity of 65%, and an inert gas source of 99.999%, the circulating water and oxygen indicators of the empty box can reach less than 1ppm.

2. Main technical indicators and configuration

1. Cabinet

1.1. Dimensions: 1200mm (length) × 900mm (height) × 750mm (width).

1.2. Material: All stainless steel structure (Type 304), thickness 3mm.

1.3. Filter: 0.3 micron pore size

1.4. Butyl rubber gloves: imported from the United States, thickness 0.4mm, glove mouth 8 inches, hard aluminum alloy glove mouth (anti-corrosion treatment, anodized aluminum), caliber 220mm.

1.5. Window: Inclined design of the operating surface, detachable 8mm safety tempered glass front window, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good light transmission, the sealing ring adopts a 3/8 inch thick OMEGA sealing ring.

1.6. It can maintain a certain positive and negative pressure during use (-10mbar-10mbar)

1.7. The cabinet is equipped with anti-reflective lighting energy-saving lamps with soft light.

1.8. There are two-layer shelves with display boards in the box

1.9. There is a multi-hole power connection board in the box (power supply: 220V±10% 50Hz±10%)

1.10. The cabinet can be set with 3 standard KF-40 interfaces.

1.11. Leakage rate: ≤0.001vol%/h.

1.12. Steel structure support, including casters, 950 mm high, installed with universal casters.

2. Transition cabin

2.1. Shape: Cylindrical (304 stainless steel), connected with the glove box, using a large axle-locked transition hatch, easy to operate.

2.2. Size: 360mm in diameter, 600mm in length, large transition chamber, piston door, sliding tray in the transition chamber, polished, and a small transition chamber in the box. The specifications are: diameter 150mm, length 300mm, manual valve control air extraction and supplementation .

2.3. Tray: can move freely to extend (large transit cabin configuration)

2.4. Vacuum degree ≤ 1bar (large and small right transition chambers require vacuuming with display)

3. Control system

3.1. Method: Including self-diagnosis, power-off self-starting characteristics, with pressure control and adaptive functions. Automatic control, circulation control, password protection, and vacuum chamber control adopt LCD display. The unit control adopts Siemens PLC touch screen.

3.2. Pressure control: control the pressure of the box and transition chamber at a certain set value.

a) The user can arbitrarily set the working pressure range between +12.5 and -12.5 mbar, and the PLC will automatically adjust the tank pressure within the set range. The default value of the working pressure range is -1 to +3 mbar.

b) When the box pressure is greater than 12 mbar, the PLC will automatically open the safety valve to relieve the pressure to protect the gloves, equipment and materials in the box.

c) Use the foot switch to fine-tune the tank pressure.

3.3. Foot pedal: It can control the pressure of the glove box and is easy to operate.

4. Circulation system (including purification and regeneration system)

4.1. German BASF, American UOP purification materials, German Proud valve. The host system integrates a modular design, fully automatic electronic control gas solenoid valve group, PLC control, circuit, circulating pump, purifier, and display integrate an independent purifier to form a compact and simple system.

4.2. Control: water and oxygen are controlled at less than 1PPm

4.3. Adjustment device: through PLC touch adjustment (heating, evacuation, purification, regeneration) the whole process except for 2.5 hours of ventilation without human monitoring.

4.4. Working gas: He.N2/or Ar gas (gas circulation)

4.5. Circulating fan: 0-100m³ high-speed frequency conversion fan, microprocessor controlled, stainless steel device after pressure test.

4.6. Purification column: single purification column, imported purification material 5kg of German BASF deaeration material, 5kg of UOP high-efficiency absorbent material of the United States, extremely high life span, to ensure the long-lasting purification ability of the product during use. The water removal capacity is 2.2㎏, the oxygen absorption capacity is 63L.

4.7. Purification valve: fully automatic electric valve.

4.8. Filter: A high-efficiency filter with a 0.3 micron pore size filter that meets the HEPA standard.

4.9. Regeneration: used to purify the system for reuse and activation; regeneration requires a mixture of helium/H2, nitrogen/H2 or argon/H2, of which H2 accounts for 10%.

5. Display system.

German SIEMENS, unit control adopts Siemens PLC touch screen. Chinese and English bilingual can be switched.

6. Water analyzer (imported from abroad) Brand material: British MICHELL/ (decided according to the customer's use environment)

1) Measuring range: 0-1000ppm

2) Accuracy: ±1% ppm

3) Display: The output of the analyzer is connected to the PLC, the detected value is displayed on the touch screen, and the alarm value can be set.

4) Control: The gas circulation system can be controlled according to the user's setting to achieve circulation reduction.

5) Environment: -10℃-50℃

7. Oxygen analyzer, (imported from abroad) Brand material: American AVCRAY (decided according to the customer's use environment)

1) The measurement range can be set: 0-1000, ppm

2) Environment: -10℃-50℃

3) Accuracy: ±1% ppm

4) Installation position: The oxygen sensor is installed on the box. No matter whether the gas is circulating or not, the oxygen sensor continuously detects the atmosphere in the box and displays the oxygen content in the glove box.

5) Sensor: Electrochemical material battery, which has the advantages of accurate zero point, small drift, and avoids corrosion of other battery materials; low replacement cost (only replace the oxygen battery).

6) Display: The output of the analyzer is connected to the PLC, the detected value is displayed on the touch screen, and the alarm value can be set.

Control: The user can select the automatic circulation function to maintain the oxygen content in the glove box within the user's specified range.

8. Vacuum system

Increase the start and stop time control of the vacuum pump. The vacuum pump uses the British Edwards vacuum pump, model RV12, with a flow rate of 12m3/h and an ultimate vacuum of 2x10-3 mbar. The transition chamber can be vacuumed separately and can be controlled individually at any time. (Imported from abroad)

9. Automatic clean

Automatic gas control electroplating board; the user sets the cleaning time with automatic gas cleaning function in the box, and then touch the start button on the touch screen, the system will start cleaning the box, and it will automatically stop at the set time.

10. Organic solvent adsorption system

In order to prevent the influence of organic solvents on the purification column, a solvent column is connected in series to the glove box system. The medium is mainly high-quality and high-efficiency activated carbon and activated alumina to prevent the formation of hydrofluoric acid. The organic solvent adsorption system has a filling volume of 7KG, and there are KF40 interfaces on the upper and lower columns of the column, which is convenient for changing materials and users can change materials by themselves.

11. Equipment working conditions: (provided by the user)

1)Power supply: two-phase three-wire AC220V, power ≥1Kw;

2)The laboratory must have an independent ground wire: <3Ω, it is recommended to use a flat copper wire ≥10mm2 from the equipment to the ground wire;

3) Water supply: none;

4)Relative humidity: <75%;

5)There is no large amount of dust in the room, no corrosive, flammable and explosive gas;

6)Equipment area: length×width: 2000mm×1200mm

12. Machine configuration












Transition cabin





Control system



Germany Siemens Omron electronic devices, etc


Circulation system (including purification and regeneration system)



BASF in Germany, UOP purification material in USA and Baldor valve in Germany


display system



Siemens, Germany







Pipeline interface



French lecoli


Pressure gauge



Wika, Germany


PLC water analyzer



Michell, UK


PLC oxygen analyzer



Avcray, USA


Vacuum pump





Organic solvent adsorption




vacuum glove box


 battery equipment

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