Compact Vacuum Glove Box For Lithium Ion Batteries Lab Research

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Compact Vacuum Glove Box For Lithium Ion Batteries Lab Research


The glove box is designed for research in materials science, chemistry, semiconductor and related industries. The water and oxygen components in the glove box can maintain the gas purity below 1ppm for a long time.

The glove box's cabinet forms a closed working environment with the gas purification system. The tank is filled with an inert gas (usually nitrogen) and circulated to remove the active material, so that the system maintains a high clean and high purity inert gas environment (water and oxygen values below 1 ppm).

1. Cabinet

1.1. Size: 2400mm (length) × 900mm (height) × 770mm (width).

External dimension of box: 3220 mm (length) × 1900 mm (height) × 870 mm (width)

1.2. Material: all stainless steel structure (Type 304), thickness: 3mm.

1.3. Filter: aperture 0.3 μ M

1.4. Butyl rubber gloves: imported from the United States with thickness of 0.4mm, glove mouth of 8 inches, hard aluminum alloy glove mouth (after anti-corrosion treatment, anodized aluminum), caliber 220mm.

1.5. Window: inclined design operation surface, removable 8mm safety toughened glass front window, wear-resistant, anti-corrosion, good light transmittance, sealing ring adopts Omega sealing ring of 3 / 8 inch thickness. Front window is open design.

1.6. It can maintain a certain positive and negative pressure (- 10mbar-10mbar) during use

1.7. The cabinet is equipped with anti reflection lighting energy-saving lamp, with soft light.

1.8. There are two layers of display board in the box

1.9. The multi hole power supply terminal block is set in the box (power supply: 220 V ± 10% 50 Hz ± 10%)

1.10. Six standard KF-40 interfaces can be set in the cabinet.

1.11. Leakage rate: ≤ 0.01vol% / h.

1.12. Steel structure support, 950 mm high, equipped with universal casters.

2. Transition cabin

2.1. Shape: cylindrical (304 stainless steel), connected with glove box, using shaft lock large transition door, easy to operate.

2.2. Size: 390mm in diameter, 600mm in length, large transition chamber, piston door, sliding tray in the transition chamber, polishing, and a small transition chamber with a diameter of 150 mm and a length of 300 mm, with manual valve to control air extraction and air replenishment.

2.3. Pallet: stainless steel 300 mm × 450 mm, freely moving and extending (large transition cabin configuration)

2.4. Vacuum degree ≤ 1bar (vacuum belt display is required for large and small right transition compartments)

3. Control system

3.1. Mode: including self diagnosis, power failure and self starting characteristics, with pressure control and adaptive function. LCD display is used for automatic control, cycle control, password protection and vacuum chamber control. Siemens PLC touch screen is used for unit control.

3.2. Pressure control: control the pressure of the box and transition chamber at a certain set value.3.3. Foot pedal: it can control the pressure of glove box and facilitate operation.

4. Circulation system (including purification and regeneration system)

4.1. BASF in Germany, UOP purification material in USA and Baldor valve in Germany. The main engine system integrated modular design, automatic electronic control air circuit solenoid valve group, PLC control, circuit, circulating pump, purification and display integrated with an independent purifier, forming a compact and simple system. When the pressure of the box exceeds ± 10mbar, the alarm will be given when the water and oxygen exceed the range. Alarm can be turned off manually)

4.2. Control: water and oxygen should be controlled less than 1ppm

4.3. Regulating device: the whole process (heating, evacuation, purification and regeneration) can be adjusted by PLC touch, without manual monitoring except for 2.5 hours ventilation.

4.4. Working gas: he.n2 / or Ar gas (gas cycle)

4.5. Circulating fan: 0-100m 3 high-speed frequency conversion fan, microprocessor controlled, pressure tested stainless steel device.

4.6. Purification column: single purification column, imported purification material.

4.7. Purification valve: fully automatic electric valve.

4.8. Filter: high efficiency filter with 0.3 micron aperture filter conforming to HEPA standard is adopted.

4.9 regeneration: used for reuse of purification system to activate it; regeneration requires helium / H2, nitrogen / H2 or argon / H2 mixture, of which H2 accounts for 10%.

5. Display system

Siemens in Germany, the unit control adopts Siemens PLC touch screen. Chinese and English can be switched.

6. PLC oxygen analyzer

Range: 0-1000ppm

Error: ± 1% ppm

Environment: - 10 ℃ - 50 ℃

7. PLC water analyzer

Range: 0-500ppm

Error: ± 1% ppm

Environment: - 10 ℃ - 50 ℃

8. Water probe protection device.

The water probe can be used for long-term detection and segmented detection.

9. Automatic cabinet cleaning function.

The cabinet is cleaned automatically. Different nature of gas environment replacement and misoperation of water, oxygen fast box automatic cleaning. The box body is clear automatically, the valve to the box pipe integration should be firmly connected with kf25 steel plastic pipe, and external kf25 pagoda joint.

10. Organic solvent adsorption system 304 stainless steel, diameter 220mm * 470mm, with vacuum, filled with 7kg high-quality activated carbon.

It can be operated independently and replaced easily.

Main configuration

Vacuum Glove Box with Purification System


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