Programmable Hi-Speed Spin Coater (10K Rpm & 5" Max) With Optional Heating Cover Vacuum Chucks

  • Model Number:

  • Dimension(L*W*H):

    450mm Depth ×280mm W ×340mm H
  • Net Weight:

    30 lbs
  • Compliance:

    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    Two Years limited warranty with lifetime support
  • Payment:

    T/T, Credit Card, Paypal, LC, Western Union
  • Delivery Time:

    3 Days
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Programmable Hi-Speed Spin Coater (10K Rpm & 5" Max) With Optional Heating Cover Vacuum Chucks


Main Features
  • 500 ~ 10000 RPM spinning speed programmable
  • Accept substrate from 5 mm to 5" 
  • PP chamber for anti-corrosive operation.
  • One gas inlet port on top of cover which can fill inert gas during coating
  • One 20ml Plastic Syringe is included
  • Safety interlock is integrated into the lid
Vacuum Chuck
  • Chamber size: 150 mm diameter 
  • Click the picture below right to watch demo video for how to use 9mm vacuum chuck hold 5mm sample.   
Vacuum Pump
  • One 120L/min Oilless Vacuum Pump is included in the standard package, please click the picture below for specification details. 
  • For Ar glove box user, Please consider our 24VDC vacuum pump to be used inside a glovebox without feedthrough.
  • Vaccum grade rubber pipe is included for immediate use

Programmable Contro
  • Duration up to 60 seconds
  • Acceleration: 100 - 2000 rpm / sec adjustable
  • Accuracy:   < 5%
  • Digital control panel can store 12 programs and each program has 6 segments programmable for  speeds, acceleration, and spin duration (please click picture below-right to see typical program setting)
Input Power
  • AC 220V (Please email us for AC 110V Version)
  • 1000 W total for oilless pump and spin cater
  • 24VDC high speed  motor

Gas Inlet
6mm diameter gas inlet port allows customers to fill desired gas into the chamber, which can make coating under variable gas flow environment
Liquid Injection
  • Standard Package:  20ml plastic syringe with needle
  • Option 1:  Precision Electronic Single Channel Pipette: 20 - 200uL
  • Option 2:  Heatable glass syringe with temp. controller, up to 200C

  • Option 1: PE Heating cover with digital temperature controller up to 120°C(<10 minutes) is available upon request at extra cost. This is a short drying process (usually takes several seconds or Max.10 minutes) which can dry and solidify the coating and remove the residual solvent after coating process is completed. Click demo video & picture below for detail. 
  • Option 2: PTFE Heating cover + PTFE vacuum chuck set is capable of drying temperature up to 200°C(< 5 minutes). Vacuum chuck and chamber also need to be replaced by PTFE material to withstand high heating temperature. Please click PTFE Heating cover and chuck set to learn. 
  • Option 3: Heatable syringe with digital temperature controller up to 200C is available upon request at extra cost. It provides the pre-heat solution during the coating process. Click pictures & demo video for details. 
  • Option 4: Vacuum Flash Assembly for DIY Vacuum Flash-Assisted Solution Process (VASP), Up to 5 mTorr  is available 

Product Dimensions

450mm Depth ×280mm W ×340mm H
Net Weight
20 kg 
Spin Coater


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