25T Hydraulic Lamination Hot Press Machine With Two Temp. Controller

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  • Net Weight:

    500 lbs
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    CE certificate
  • Warranty:

    Two years limited warranty with lifetime support
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    3 days
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25T Hydraulic Lamination Hot Press Machine With Two Temp. Controller

YLJ-HP88V-350 consists of a hydraulic press with manually operated oil pump & two heated platens. The temperatures of heated platens are controlled by two digital temperature controllers separately up to 350°C.   Water cooling jackets are installed with the heating plate that allows heated plate get faster cooling. One pressure gauge (250 KN) is also mounted to monitor the pressure applied on the plates. It is an excellent tool to prepare polymer and ceramic samples up to 7.5"x7.5".  


Max. Working Pressure

25 metric Tone ( 250 KN)


220VAC +/-10%, 50/60Hz
4000W Max.  ( 25A breaker required )

Pressure Gauge

Measuring Accuracy is  +/-1.25 KN

Heated Platen Area

·         Platen Area:   200mm x 200mm 

·         Material:         Headen Steel 

·         Surface:         Flat with CNC grinding 

Max. Travel Distance 

·         140mm Max

Max. Working Temperature

·         15 minutes Max at 350°C without water cooling.

·         350°C continuously with water cooling.

·         250°C continuously without water cooling.

Heating Rate

·         3°C/min

Water Cooling Requirement

·         3 pairs (6 ports) of barbed fittings for water cooling.

·         Hydraulic cylinder cooling with a pair of barbed fittings for 10mm I.D. tube. Watercooling is required to prevent oil sealing gasket from melting and to ensure the cylinder's performance. (Click pic to the left for detail.)

·         Top and bottom heating plate with two pairs of barbed fittings for 10mm I.D. tube. Water cooling hot plate is possible for rapid sample cooling after a hot pressing process.

·         Water flow requirement: ≥10L/min, <25°C, >25PSI 

Temperature Control

·         Two digital controller installed in one box with one point control  and auto-tune faction

·         Temperature accuracy ±1°C.

Power Requirement

·         220VAC +/- 10%  ( 208 - 240V)  3800W max.


·         CE Certified 

Shipping Size

50''(L) x 41''(W) x 46''(H)

Shipping Weight

500 lbs


·       Two years limited warranty with lifetime support

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