Vacuum Carbon Tube Furnace use of Double Water Sandwich Structure

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Vacuum Carbon Tube Furnace use of Double Water Sandwich Structure

     Equipment characteristics

The furnace is a periodic operation type widely used in functional ceramics optical materials carbon composites hard alloy powder metallurgy and other high temperature vacuum conditions for sintering treatment but also in the case of inflatable molding sintering.


·        The structure 

1 the furnace the use of double water sandwich structure the inner layer of stainless steel (1Cr18N9Ti) polishing the outer layer of high-quality carbon steel the upper and lower flange welded into a cylindrical structure flange plane set seal groove.  Using "O" ring vacuum seal and set the water cooling device (to prevent the temperature is too high "O" ring aging).  Open with pumping thermocouple infrared holes and so on.

2 the lid the use of double laminated head structure with observation holes shielding locking open the device and water cooling.

3 the bottom the same double-layer water sandwich head structure with electrode extraction device support platform and a water-cooled device.

4 furnace by the steel and steel plate into a box-type structure the furnace placed in the box nice.

5 vacuum system one Taiwan K-150 diffusion pump with cold trap one Taiwan 2X-15 mechanical pump manual high vacuum butterfly valve vacuum pressure gauge (± Pa) inflatable valve bleed valve and vacuum pipe and so on.  Mechanical pump with metal corrugated hose quick connector connection (slow vibration) vacuum measurement using digital composite vacuum gauge.

6 temperature control system the use of controllable silicon temperature control all instruments for the United States Honeywell digital table temperature control with PID regulation over-temperature sound and light alarm function electrical components Schneider brand electric control panel by Siemens standard production  High precision temperature control easy to operate.

7 the gas system the entire system with an inlet a vent can be inflated.

  8 electrical control the use of SCR temperature control with a large current transformer voltage regulator and temperature control instrument temperature control circuit.  Circuit with water over-current over-temperature alarm and protection.

9 water cooling system from a variety of pipeline valves and other related devices with water and sound and light alarm automatically cut off the power function.

10 transformers and connecting cables with the matching transformer and connecting cable.

11 heating element and heat shield heating element using graphite electrode into a cylindrical structure the insulation screen with graphite carbon felt graphite felt (2-layer graphite tube 4-layer carbon and 4-layer graphite felt each  Layer thickness of 10mm or more) good insulation properties heating evenly large radiation heat shock resistance and can quickly heat and cooling.  Insulation layer and heat separation easy maintenance and loading insulation jacket.

CF vacuum carbon tube furnace





Maximum power of the furnace





 3 phase

Maximum heating temperature

 2000 degrees

Temperature control model

PID 40 program temperature control

 Heating carbon tube size  (mm)

  Dia130(inner sizeX220

Effective heating size  (mm)


 Cavity vacuum (diffuser unit)

< 5X10 -3Pa

Cavity inflation pressure

< 0.15Pa

Boost rate


Break even protection and display


Over temperature protection 


Overcurrent protection


Undervoltage protection (water pressure)


control precision

+/-  1

 Temperature detection method

 Type B thermocouple or infrared thermometer

  Maximum heating rate     

 < 20 degrees/Min

  water-cold vacuum chamber


   Observation window size

  Dia 90mm

    Chiller (optional) 




Vacuum unit


Unit input voltag

380V /220V



Vacuum baffle valv


  Front machine vacuum pum RVP-6    






Rotating speed


Air intake diamete


Pump speedL/S


Ultimate pressur

4X10 -2Pa

Diffusion pum  TK150





Air intake interface


outlet interface


Injection of oil


Pumping rateN2



Composite vacuum gauge


 Power supply

 220V   55W

control precision

± 1%

Vacuum gauge measurement range

10-5 -10 5 P

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